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Your retinas line the backs of your eyes and play an important role in vision and eye health. Steve Atlas, OD, offers retinal photography using top-of-the-line equipment at at Atlas Eye Center in Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Opticians in Plantation, Florida. Retinal photography offers a unique insight into the health of your eyes and makes it easier for Dr. Atlas to detect eye diseases early on. To find out more, book your appointment online or over the phone today.

Retinal Photos Q&A

What are retinal photos?

Retinal photos provide a detailed view of your retina, the thin layer of tissue at the back of your eye. Your retina plays a critical role in vision, receiving light that comes into your eye and converting it into neural signals that travel to your brain.

The state-of-the-art digital retinography system (DRS) at Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians photographs your retina quickly and comfortably. Retinal imaging is a noninvasive procedure with no side effects. 

Dr. Atlas evaluates the digital images of your retina. He checks for signs of many common eye conditions, giving you insight into the health of your eyes not possible with more traditional testing.

What are the benefits of getting retinal photos?

Retinal photos are important because they give Dr. Atlas an inside look at the health of your eyes. Without the need for an invasive procedure, retinal imaging allows him to see inside your eyes.

There are many common eye diseases that occur in the retina. Conditions like diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration can seriously impair vision, but there are rarely any warning signs. With retinal imaging, Dr. Atlas can screen for these and other diseases to catch them early and start treatment to preserve your vision.

At Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians, the digital images of your retina are maintained in your patient file. Over the years, Dr. Atlas can compare images and track changes to identify your risk for certain eye diseases. 

How does retinal photography work?

The DRS at Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians takes images of the retina, optic disc, and surrounding blood vessels. Retinal imaging is generally a part of your comprehensive eye exam, particularly if you’re at risk for diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or other eye conditions.

Before your retina photos are taken, Dr. Atlas may dilate your eyes with eye drops. Once your eyes are dilated, you’ll rest your head on a chin and forehead support, which helps keep your head still.

You look into a device, keeping your eyes open, and a laser scans your eyes. The digital images are sent to a computer for Dr. Atlas to evaluate. The process takes just a few minutes to complete and it’s completely painless.

Retinal photos give you an in-depth assessment of your eye health. Talk to Dr. Atlas about the benefits of getting retinal photos. Book online or call the office for more information today.