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An accident or injury involving your eyes can happen quickly and be scary. If you suffer an injury or sudden change in vision, emergency eye care can save your eyes and preserve your vision. Turn to Steve Atlas, OD, at at Atlas Eye Center in Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Opticians in Plantation, Florida, in the event of an eye emergency. The practice accepts walk-ins and has same-day appointments available for prompt and effective emergency eye care. Call the office, book an appointment online, or come to the clinic to get emergency eye care now.

Emergency Eye Care Q&A

What is emergency eye care?

It’s not uncommon to suffer a small eye abrasion or injury. Accidentally poking your eye with a finger or makeup brush or getting a small amount of shampoo in your eyes can be uncomfortable, but symptoms usually subside quickly.

An eye injury becomes an emergency when there’s significant pain and your vision is seriously affected. Eye emergencies can be caused by a blow to the face, an accident, or a chemical like fertilizer, bleach, or oven cleaner.

When your vision is impacted, seeking immediate medical care is crucial. At Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians, same-day appointments and walk-ins are accepted for eye emergencies.

What are the signs of an eye emergency?

Learning to recognize the signs of an eye emergency can help save your vision and preserve your eye health. Signs of a serious eye injury include:

  • Severe pain
  • Noticeable change in vision
  • Double vision
  • Swelling in or around the eye
  • Foreign object protruding from the eye
  • Torn eyelid
  • Headache

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, you need prompt medical care. Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians are equipped to address some eye emergencies, but when the office isn’t open or when you’ve suffered a severe chemical burn or have a foreign object protruding from your eye, call 911 or visit the emergency room. 

How are eye emergencies treated?

The right treatment for eye injuries depends on the severity of the injury. You can try to wash small foreign objects from your eye with water or sterile saline solution. But if the object is large or not easily flushed out, don’t try to remove it yourself.

For chemical burns, flush your eye with water. If your eye still hurts after flushing it with water for 15 to 20 minutes, seek medical care. Don’t try to treat a serious eye injury involving torn skin, large foreign objects, or broken bones on your own. 

Visiting Atlas Eye Center or Downtown Opticians for an eye emergency ensures you’ll get prompt, professional care. The team is trained to handle many common eye injuries and they can treat injury to prevent serious complications.

If you or someone you know experiences an eye injury or sudden vision changes, don’t wait to seek treatment. Atlas Eye Center and Downtown Opticians offer same-day and walk-in appointments to treat eye emergencies. Call, book online, or come into the office to get prompt treatment for your eye emergency.